TeaTime-Mag for Teachers

What is it about?

Our Teacher Edition of TeaTime-Mag was created for those who teach English, with the idea of sharing both the language and culture of the English-speaking world to the classroom.

The contents of our texts are created especially for your classes. Look for the aspects that you would like to try and deepen in the below categories. Below are the guides and texts for your students and the audio versions as mp3s. Moreover, we select useful vocabulary that your students can learn through our VocBox tool, a program created to learn new words in a simple and efficient way. The use of these services and all of our materials is free and without restrictions.

Get in touch with us: teachers@teatime-mag.com

Customs and Culture | Art and Style | Business and Economy | Lifestyles

  • Customs and Culture
    In customs, we capture the cultural practices of many of the cultures around the world. Covering nearly every continent we aim to share the nuances between the customs around the world.

  • Ten Fantastic Facts and Legends of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

    Nigerian ‘I dos’

    Interspecies Animal Friends

    C eh? N eh? D eh? Canada!

  • Art and Style
    In art we take small snapshots of the film, music, arts, and literature that are taking place in the English-speaking world. Among the topics we`ve covered for arts include street art, behind the scenes of a music video, and the sounds of up-and-coming bands.

  • Roots of Reggae

    Food trends

    John Domnarski Trio


  • Business and Economy
    English plays a crucial role in business world. Our business articles aim to share the innovators, businesses, and trends that are shaping the business world today.

  • The Fun Theory

    The Job Hunt


  • Lifestyles
    In our lifestyles articles we aim at sharing vignettes on how people in the many English-speaking countries live. Among the stories we’ve covered for this section include stories on yoga, the life of a crime reporter, and various travel stories.

  • Ghana and the Road to equality

    Growing up in the South

    Roz Savage – Rowing for Change

    Adventures on an Organic