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Travel has inspired people for centuries. In the past many would travel for fame and adventure, others to discover new lands and fortune. Nowadays, when people think of traveling, they often imagine a holiday to faraway lands and beautiful landscapes. TeaTime-Mag has interviewed travel experts on why travel and learning English are the best combination ever.
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or 10 years we have been counseling people on traveling abroad to learn English. In that time, we have learned a great deal, not only from our clients, but also from the personal experiences of our very own travel counselors. We have condensed. our knowledge and experience into the Top 10 Reasons to Travel Abroad to Study English and are pleased to share them with you today.

You save money.

We know this may sound counterintuitive. After all, when traveling abroad you need to take into consideration all the costs associated with traveling such as the airfare, housing, food, and let’s not forget the cost of the language classes themselves. However, we’ve done the calculations and we can assure you that since you learn more in a shorter amount of time, you actually wind up saving money. Think about it, at home you will study English in an institute for a few hours a week and in five years you may become somewhat fluent. That’s five years of paying for classes. By studying abroad you are completely immersed in the language from the moment you wake-up to the moment you go to bed. It’s like being in class 24/7. Our research clearly shows that our clients who study abroad improve their English in six months to a degree equivalent to those who study at home for five years.

Being a resident rather than a tourist.

If you really want to get to know a city (and a culture) you must try living in it. It is a very different experience from being a tourist. You can still play tourist and take a few days to do the mandatory sightseeing and explore all the recommended sights, but the rest of the time you can allow yourself to get lost and genuinely explore what the place has to offer. You can discover the great little shops and cafés where only locals gather. You can meet some fabulous people because you are not in a rush to get on to the next stop on your list. When you are studying and living in a place you have time to truly become familiar with it, to experiment with the local culture, and gain a deeper understanding of the place and its people. And the more comfortable you feel, the more you will practice your English with your newfound friends and acquaintances, and the faster your English will improve.

Making new friends.

This may sound quite obvious; at home you have your regular life and your friends. You go to the institute to study and then you get on with your life. But while you are abroad you have no choice but to make new friends and these in turn help you to improve your English. Of course you will meet loads of local friends, but you will also make some great friends in the school and within the classroom itself, friends from all corners of the world. Our clients and colleagues have shared stories with us of awesome buddies they have made, of long-lasting friendships, and in some cases how they even met their future spouses while studying English abroad.

Finding a second home.

They say that two homes are better than one. By studying and living abroad you too can share in this experience, which everyone should have. The city where you choose to live and study might turn out to be the perfect place for you; and, the family you live with may actually become a second family for you. Sharing the same roof for six months can enable you to meet some incredible people, make true friends, and provide you with a second home for the rest of your life. In the future you may even find yourself coming back to visit often or have your new family visit you in your own home.

Choose the weather you like.

You live year-round in your city and the weather is what it is…but what if you could choose the weather you lived in? People often forget that English is spoken in a lot of countries with very different climates. Studying in Malta, located in the Mediterranean, is just as effective a learning tool as being in London–only that the weather is far better. Choose wisely and you could wind up surfing in Australia, hiking the Colorado Mountains, getting lost in London or New York, watching whales in Vancouver or exploring ancestral cultures in New Zealand–and let’s not forget, drinking whiskey in Ireland or whisky in Scotland.

Living the culture.

Nothing compares to living in a country to fully absorb all the customs that the English-speaking world has to offer. Learning English is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar lessons, it’s also about understanding the traditions. Each country has its own flavor, and we’re not just referring to the food. English is different in each country; it has its own singularities and just as the language varies so do the people and their customs.

Improve your accent.

When you’re talking in class your classmates and teachers tend to have a general idea of what you are talking about and can easily understand you. But when you test your accent on the street you can see if average people really understand what you are saying. Regularly talking to people in English outside the classroom is one of the great advantages of being abroad. You have to live a regular life while you’re abroad and do all the things you would do at home, except that you have to do them in English. You will have to buy things, chat with new friends, ask where things are, and it may happen that you even help out a few tourists on their frantic three day sightseeing tour of the city.

It looks good on your CV.

People all over the world value the importance of speaking English. This is true for Human Resources offices as well. They realize that if you have experience studying and living abroad you tend to be more adaptable to new situations, you have proven you are willing to try new things, you are better at networking and, of course, will likely speak better English than those who studied it in their own country.

Broaden your mind.

It is well known that traveling broadens your mind, but it bears repeating here. When you travel you meet people from all walks of life. You interact with a broader section of society than you do at home. In your classroom you will meet people from many different countries and cultures. And by listening to your classmates and these new people that you meet you will understand new points of view and become more accepting of others. This will lead you to want to learn more about different things and will help you to become a better person.

Find the love of your life.

Although this will not happen to every person who travels abroad to study, it happens often enough that it should be mentioned as one of the possible perks. When you are in a new country you get a chance to reinvent yourself, become the person you always wanted to be and present this person to your newfound friends. You are more relaxed and can have more fun because you are not constantly stressed by the responsibilities you have at home. And you are more open to meeting different kinds of people and this might lead to meeting the person that is just right for you.

These are just a few incentives we have compiled on the advantages of going abroad to study English. There are many more great reasons to do so, which you can discover on your own. We encourage you to take the plunge, go abroad, immerse yourself in the culture, meet new people and while you are doing so vastly improve your level of English. So, what are you waiting for?

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10 Reasons to Travel Abroad to Study English .

Travel is a great way to see the world and meet new people, but it is also a wonderful tool for learning English. The travel experts at Yalea share with you 10 reasons why you should travel abroad to study English.

1. You save money, because you learn more English in a shorter period of time

2. Be a resident rather than a tourist. You have more time in a city so you can really get to know it and the culture.

3. Make new friends. Since you don’t know anybody, you must make friends with your classmates and outside the classroom. These friendships could last a lifetime.

4. Find a second home: You may wind up living in the perfect place for you and with a family that becomes very close to you, becoming your second family.

5. Choose your weather. You can choose what city you want to live in with whatever weather you like. If you like surfing you could go to Australia or go to the Colorado Mountains if you prefer hiking.

6. Live the culture. By living in a place you really learn about the place, the people, and the customs related to that English-speaking world. You gain a better understanding of the English language and traditions.

7. Improve your accent. Because you are living in a new place you have to interact with ordinary people and you must improve your accent so they can understand you.

8. It looks good on your CV. English is important all over the world. If you study abroad you can show that you are adaptable to new situations and that you have a higher level of English.

9. Broaden your mind. You meet many different kinds of people when you are abroad and this helps you to understand different points of view and expand your mind.

10. Find the love of your life. Because you are more relaxed in a new environment free of stress and you are meeting new kinds of people, you may find the person that is just right for you.



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10 Reasons To Travel Abroad To Study English



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10 Reasons to Travel Abroad to Study English

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