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In this photo-essay, photographer Alberto Cuadros shares with TeaTime-Mag a collection of photographs. Below are a few ideas that viewers should consider when experiencing this collection.

“On the meridian of time, there is no injustice: there is only the poetry of motion creating the illusion of truth and drama.”

- Henry Miller ( Tropic of Cancer )

Text and photos by: Alberto Cuadros 
    Country: United States

Coastside and/or large bodies of water
Historically, large bodies of water have always acted as sites for settlement. It is no surprise that many of today’s largest cities are nestled along rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. Because of this “water factor,” people in these areas are granted a pause from the view of developed cities. This allows for a brief release from the clutter of urban landscapes and opens the door to reflection, creating a healthy sense of calm for the mind.

An act of luxury that we do when we have the time. We take time to consider and explore areas that are not part of a routine.

Time of day, color, or quality of light
These elements are important, because they are constantly changing. They affect how we feel about the places we experience. For example, a trail or path will look different at sunrise than at sunset for the simple fact that the sun has moved to its counter position. What about if the trail were foggy, rainy, or clear and hot? All of these things come to affect us subconsciously as we spend time in a place.

Something to be gained through experience – the more frequent, the greater the perspective gained. Also, visual perspective – the angle at which we view a subject.

Traveling companion
A person experiencing travel with you, simultaneously. Sometimes it is hard to consider that everyone else around you is participating in their own personal narrative, and that we still interact with one another daily, from our varied perspectives, drawing our own conclusions. It is important to keep this in mind.

Lightweight camera
One that is easy to use, and does not get in the way.

Powerful glass
In a camera, this is the business-end of the machine. The lens is responsible for affecting the quality of the images you see. The better the glass, the sharper the image.

Visceral composition
A composition that moves you from within. You feel the power of what you are witnessing: an impressive mountain in a landscape, an arrangement of objects, a great work of art.

On the cusp of leisure
A place where we are given the freedom to ask questions about our world and potentially be open to receive new ideas on the topic.

Different from being alive, this is when a person engages in an activity that is outside of what they would normally do.

A uniquely accessible process for the capture and transportation of images. All of the images in this collection were captured on film at varied speeds through a variety of lenses.

Small discoveries
They happen regularly which is an indication that we are always learning.

Being at the bottom of a hill and wondering what the vantage would be from the top
An example of motivation (to gather perspective) that comes from within.

What is down that path? The excitement of discovery
A classic characteristic of human nature that leads to a greater understanding and perspective.

Another indicator of the process of learning.

A new idea that leads to other new ideas
A mode for developing and growing.

A mode of transportation. Walking moves you along at just the right speed for close observation and consideration of the living world around you. There are many places in the world where people still walk as their main form of transportation. Alternately, due to advancements in technology and the side-effects of growing commercial markets, a growing number of people no longer walk, disallowing themselves a view of the world at a pace their bodies might grant them naturally.


Elementary Summary – A1

Photographer Alberto Cuadros shares a collection of photographs with TeaTime-Mag. He also gives a few ideas for readers to think about when they experience this collection:

- Landscapes with water are calming for the mind.

- Walking moves you at the right speed for close observation.

- The time of day, color, and light are always changing. So, they affect the way we feel about the places we see.

- Use a lightweight camera so that it does not get in the way.

- Don’t be afraid to ask questions about our world. Be open to new ideas.

- Do things that are different than what you would normally do.

- Small discoveries happen all the time. We are always learning.

- Making discoveries is exciting and part of being human; it leads to greater understanding .

- Develop new ideas. This will lead you to other new ideas.


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On the Meridian of Time



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